Help! Not connecting to Network


    So this is kind of multi part but all has to do with the same thing.


    I just got my phone yesterday and when I tried to restore my backed up contacts and emails that I had backed up using Backup and reset on my Note 5 to my S7 Edge I get the error: Dowload Failed Failed to complete download to to network error.


    Now not only that but I have CNN and Yahoo news on my Edge. When I go to access news I get: Network not available.


    Also various times, news apps as well as Facebook and Instagram and Twitter will not connect yet I am connected in all of these to both 4G LTE and WiFi as well.


    Can anyone help me with this as it is massively frustrating?!


    Thank you.

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      • makarios

        Re: Help! Not connecting to Network

        I think some more information is needed to properly troubleshoot this. Such as which network you are trying to use (Mobile, or WiFi?), as well as whether you can connect to any websites (such as or if it is totally failing across the board.


        If it is a WiFi network, does the phone show as connected in your WiFi settings? How does the signal strength look? Weak? Strong?


        Do you have any open networks in your area that you can test alternatively?


        Same with mobile, 4g


        Also if this is an intermittent or seemingly random occurrence, you can check the signal strength at those times to see if there is some wireless interference happening (more common than you may expect in dense neighborhoods) as a lot of people have WiFi routers in their homes and most run on competing channels.

          • joshmcc1982

            Re: Help! Not connecting to Network

            I am connected to both wifi and 4G LTE. I don't turn either off. However it

            happen on both. If I'm connected to wifi or I leave work or my house and

            just in 4G doesn't matter.


            As far as websites it does connect to websites without a problem really.

            It's mainly anything having to do with Samsung types services that are on

            the phone or come pre-installed on the phone.


            Signal strength is not a problem as at work there are access points every

            10 feet or so so that we do not lose connectivity and my home one I am

            never that far away from and keep a pretty good signal to.

              • makarios

                Re: Help! Not connecting to Network

                Another thing that you can try (since you mention it is mostly Samsung services) is go into Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager


                Then tap on "More" and "Show system applications"


                Find a service called Bluetooth Share, go ahead and Force Stop it, and then clear Data and Cache of the app.

                This was a little known issue with the S6 Edge, and it may have carried over to the S7 Edge as well


                Make sure you have Bluetooth turned off before you do this.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Help! Not connecting to Network

              Hey joshmcc1982 I understand that frustration and I'd like to help. For your Wi-Fi, have you tested other devices to see if they can access the internet when their connected? This will help us determine if this is coming form the Wi-Fi network itself.


              If you're just connected to T-Mobile's network and the Wi-Fi is off, I suggest checking the APN settings to make sure they are correct. You can use the link below as a guide.



              Once these settings are correct, restart the device so it can reconnect to T-Mobile's network and give it another shot.

              • joshmcc1982

                Re: Help! Not connecting to Network

                Okay so as an update... I factory data reset my phone and was able to recover contacts... Still after multiple tries but I got it. However, the problem is still there with CNN and Yahoo.


                My wifes Note 5 has no problem on our WiFi and neither does my computer or iPad. All other sites and apps are working on my phone in fact, just not these.


                I tried all suggestions that have been suggested as well. Not quite sure what to do...

                  • makarios

                    Re: Help! Not connecting to Network

                    I've been researching this issue more, and there is one other possible cause due to the battery optimization setting. To try it out, go to:


                    Settings -> Battery -> Battery Usage


                    Then click "More" on the top right, and choose "Optimize battery usage",  then select All applications from the list and proceed to turn off the optimization on any apps that you are experiencing connection issues with.