Using hotspot in Mexico on Telcel


    I just came back from a trip to Mexico (Guanajuato and Monterrey), and I used the hotspot in my phone (I have the Simple Choice North America - everything unlimited with 14 GB of hotspot). I was connected to Telcel LTE and I tested the speed with one of my apps and it showed me that I was connected to T-Mobile LTE from Dallas, TX. Then I used my hotpspot as I was told by my sales person (I'm new to T-Mobile) that all the features could be used in Mexico and Canada, and my Netflix showed the U.S. catalog. Now that I am reading the fine print, I am reading that tethering is not allowed while outside the U.S., should I be worried on upcoming charges?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Using hotspot in Mexico on Telcel

        Yes, it will be ONE MILLION DOLLARS!


        No, seriously, there's not going to be any charges.

        Depending on how the hotspot was connected, it may not have fully registered what was going on and let you tether inadvertently.  You'll be fine.


        The only possible charges that can happen that you're not forewarned about is any per-minute international calling.

          • luisaggie

            Re: Using hotspot in Mexico on Telcel

            It was pretty cool that I was able to continue watching the WWII in color and HD documentary and my Sling TV while outside the U.S. Thanks for your response. I did call 611 and told me I should be fine and that if the hotspot was not allowed, it would be blocked. There's definitely a glitch allowing to use data on device while in Mexico thinking that you're in the U.S. (hope never gets fixed )