Removing locked bookmarks from  Samsung browser


    There are locked T-Mobile bookmarks ("The source", etc) in the Samsung internet browser. The default way of long-press to delete them does not work. How do I remove them? I do not need to frequently visit the T-Mobile home page, and the bookmarks are just in the way, cluttering my bookmarks menu.

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      • makarios

        For anyone who is also interested, I found a workaround, which is to create a folder in the bookmarks menu, and then navigate into the folder, and then close the browser. After which the browser will always load the bookmark menu by default into that folder, thereby bypassing the other preset bookmarks.


        This is very much a band-aid option though, and I am still looking how to accomplish my main goal of removing the locked bookmarks. I have also contacted Samsung directly about this.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Greetings makarios and thanks for using the forum.


            There doesn't appear to be an option to remove those bookmarks completely. What did Samsung say when you contacted them about this?

              • makarios

                @, thanks for the reply. Samsung has yet to respond to my comment. I will ofcourse post about it when they do.

                It just seems silly to lock bookmarks into place, especially on Android which by its very nature is open and customizable.


                @tidbits, that is not my experience at all. The locked bookmarks always show at the very top of my list above my own bookmarks, so I actually have to scroll down to see my own -- this is why I posted about the "workaround" of creating a new folder.


                The last time Samsung updated their browser, it did remove the others (except The Source, which from what I can tell is a T-Mobile bookmark) so maybe they are doing something about it and just not answering my e-mail, I don't know.

                  • tidbits

                    The source is the only one I can't remove.  Also Android is not 100% open source.  It is ASL which allows proprietary code proprietary.  Also the Browser you are using belongs to Samsung and not the browser from AOSP


                    Here's the screenshot.  The Source is the only one I can't remove from my GS7


                      • makarios

                        I appreciate what you are saying, but I suspect that I did not adequately explain my position. I am well aware that the browser is Samsung's, and that it is not the AOSP browser. My position is that Android by its very nature prides itself on the ability of the user to customize it how they want... to add and remove apps, widgets, wallpapers, sounds, etc. One of the main reasons I choose Android over iOS continually is that very customization.


                        Having a simple thing like the bookmarkks in a browser being "locked into place" and not able to remove them is downright ludicrous (not to mention actually hurts the company image) -- and every time I see it there I am reminded that the company for one brief moment, cared more about having their name embedded in a browser than the experience of the end-user.


                        I know at the end of the day it is just a bookmark, and I am not losing any sleep over it, but this should've not even been an issue. I should be able to have full control over the bookmarks in a browser. The situation is akin to having the radio presets in your car being pre-selected and locked so that you can't change them, or the speed-dial on your phone being locked to the manufacturers number. It just goes against all common-sense and reason.  Sure I can make new bookmarks and use the work-around I posted above. But my new bookmarks show under all of the locked ones.


                        I know this probably sounds like a stupid rant, and I assure you it's not. I just never thought I'd have to search forums and contact people for a solution to removing a bookmark in a browser!

                • tidbits

                  The only one I can't get rid of is the source. However it doesn't bother me at all since I have my bookmarks synced and it's out of sight because of it.

                  • iron_lung

                    did you ever find a solution to this, or were the useless replies from tidbits all that came of this?

                    • matttoftampabay

                      Just to chime in: This is stupid t-mobile.  Why lock your bookmark into place so it annoys me for the next several years?  It's a bookmark for Pete's sake.  Isn't your bloatware is annoying enough.