SVoice Completely broken?



    Anyone else have sever problems with SVoice not working 99% of the time? Bought the device about a week ago, it never worked right. Exchanged the device today and still having the exact same issues. Tried pairing it with 2 different phones, same thing. Tried factory resets etc.. Samsung support basically told me to send it in for repair. When saying "Call (name)" about 10 seconds later It will respond with "Sorry, your request couldn't be processed. please try again later" 90% of the time, otherwise it says "could not find that person in your contacts, who do you want to call instead". I have tried it for every contact listed. It will recognise what i said and display it exactly as said on the screen but will fail to take action. This happens with every single command listed on samsungs website.


    Looking for any input.



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