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    I lost my phone today. I am not sure how or where, but it is definitely not in my house. Can I give permission to T-Mobile to turn on the device's GPS and find its location?

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      • matesny

        Re: Lost Phone Tracking

        I don't think it is possible for T-Mobile to turn on the location services on your device.

        Always have a plan to locate your device if it is lost.

        iCloud for Apple devices, Samsung account for Samsung devices, also Google has its own device locator service for Android devices.

        A lost device will probably run out of battery power and turn off in a day or two, making it impossible to locate via remote services.

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        • e2k

          Re: Lost Phone Tracking

          TMO can't enable or disable GPS on your phone. They offer a service called FamilyWhere, but it costs extra money and requires you to install an app on your phone.


          If you have an Android phone that is logged into a Google account, try using the Android Device Manager (on the web) to locate the phone. If you have an iPhone, use this link.

          • tidbits

            Re: Lost Phone Tracking

            Negative it doesn't work that way.

            • magenta1939644

              Re: Lost Phone Tracking

              I misplaced my phone I would like to track it