Data plan changed without consent, extra fee added. Has this happened to anyone before?


    Upon receiving my online bill today, I noticed that there was an extra $10 charge for extra data that I had not asked for. Previously, I had the "free" 2GB which had somehow been changed to 6GB for an extra $15 fee. I had no recollection of changing my data plan, so I called customer service. According to the customer representative, my data plan was changed on February 2016, presumably because I had visited a T-mobile retail store to ask for it! Now, I haven't stepped foot in a T-mobile store since last fall. The customer representative very quickly took the charge off and changed my plan back to what it was before, but everything was so smooth (kudos to the representative) that it also aroused suspicion in me. Is this some dishonest, predatory method of increasing sales by T-mobile? Has anyone else experienced extra charges tacked on or unusual changes in his/her plan? Just trying to make sense of this... Thanks in advance

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      • tmo_lauren



        I can't speak to your specific situation, but this is not something we see with regularity. It may have just be an incorrect account access (which should NOT be a thing, but accidents happen anywhere), or other one off situation.


        Either way, we apologize for th inconvenience and are glad the rep was able to make an adjustment so quickly!

          • tritonesub

            Thank you for your reply. I hope no further issues arise. There was another incident last year, where there was a $10 add-on (some sort of insurance) which I also had to take off. It would be nice to know that there will be no add-ons without prior consent from the customer. Although customer service was stellar, incorrect access should not occur. If this happens again, I will definitely switch carriers. Meanwhile, I will keep checking my monthly bills with utmost care and suspicion.

              • tidbits

                I have been with T-Mobile since they were Voice stream. With a couple years of breaks in between patches. Been with Verizon since they were GTE, and was with AT&T for just as long. Also had Sprint, but... 6 years ago had a major falling out at my work place with them. Wouldn't touch them anymore.


                For as long as I have been with T-Mobile I had 4 hiccups. 3 were not their fault.  Daughter downloaded an app and the app did something called cramming and in the EULA even said there may be carrier charges. They corrected those.  Now the hiccup they caused was from a rep that added insurance when I declined it. I took it off later that day. A couple days later I went back to order some phones for the company I work for and found out he was fired.


                I have had more hair pulling from Sprint that. The other 3 combined, AT&T had about 5 incidents in the past 3 years, and Verizon so far I haven't had any other than bill shock.

            • magenta3671550

              I feel like this happened to me too. The company I work for allows me to expense my bill so I haven't really paid much attention to it, but I've been wondering why my bill's gone up $20 a month, $10 from an added data plan on my phone and $10 from an upped data plan on my tablet. I can somewhat justify if I forgot adjusting my phone's data plan, but there's definitely something fishy about the tablet data plan being upped since 99% of the time, I don't take it out of my apartment (so it's mostly on WIFI) and I would have never upped the data plan for it.


              So now I'm here looking to see if more people have experienced this. Would hate for something like what Wells Fargo was doing happening here at T-Mobile.