Data plan changed without consent, extra fee added. Has this happened to anyone before?


    Upon receiving my online bill today, I noticed that there was an extra $10 charge for extra data that I had not asked for. Previously, I had the "free" 2GB which had somehow been changed to 6GB for an extra $15 fee. I had no recollection of changing my data plan, so I called customer service. According to the customer representative, my data plan was changed on February 2016, presumably because I had visited a T-mobile retail store to ask for it! Now, I haven't stepped foot in a T-mobile store since last fall. The customer representative very quickly took the charge off and changed my plan back to what it was before, but everything was so smooth (kudos to the representative) that it also aroused suspicion in me. Is this some dishonest, predatory method of increasing sales by T-mobile? Has anyone else experienced extra charges tacked on or unusual changes in his/her plan? Just trying to make sense of this... Thanks in advance

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