My phone will not turn.

    It is fully charged and it keeps rebooting /restarting.  What can I do?  I already took the battery out and tried restarting it. It won't even connect to a pc via usb

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: My phone will not turn.



        When the device is plugged in, does it indicate charging at all for wall, not PC? Does the LED flash any sort of lite when attempting to power?




            Re: My phone will not turn.

            The phone will charge with a charger but will not turn on.  I tried to do the factory reset and it did not work either. It can not be recognized with a pc.  It just gives me false hope that it will actually turn on.  It just cycles through the LG logo.  I need a reason not to give up.  I know this is a software problem and I don't want to buy a new phone.  I just finished paying this one off.

          • matesny

            Re: My phone will not turn.

            Stuck in a boot loop --> Try stock recovery.

            (assuming you aren't rooted or installed a custom ROM)


            remove battery

            reinsert battery

            hold home+volume up+power until LG logo flashes

            release, screen goes blank and boots to recovery mode

            do stock recovery


            Good Luck!