After new update I can no longer recieve text messages


    I just updated my phone's software a few days ago and ever since I have not been able to send or receive text messages.  It just times out after a while and then says text messanger has stopped working.


    Also, my phone periodically won't open after I put in my lock screen pattern. 


    Also, my contacts aren't populating and when I go to the contacts app it just says uploading contacts, but nothing ever happens and it stays stuck there.


    Also, everything is very slow.


    Also, the battery is now draining incredibly fast.


    Also, my email sometimes updates and sometimes gets stuck saying it is updating without bothering to actually do it.



    So anyway, this new update sucks.  How do I go back to the old system or fix all of the above issues?  Or do I have to buy a new phone?

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