T-Mobile has lost its mind!


    I bought 4 phones, based upon what I was told by a T-MOBILE employee, about the phones. I bought 4 Kyocera Hydro Waves because I was told that they are "military grade 810g shock proof phones, with gorilla glass that 'is GUARANTEED not to shatter', as well as being waterproof to 3 feet". My son dropped his phone, accidentally, from a little more than WAIST HIGH, guess what shattered???? Yeah, you guessed it, his screen! Now T-Mobile is telling me that his glass shattering is not their problem, and to REPLACE HIS PHONE, WE HAVE TO PAY OFF THE SHATTERED ONE AND BUY ANOTHER!!!! Why would you tout the phone as being " SHATTER PROOF", and when it isn't AS YOU ADVERTISED, tell me its NOT YOUR PROBLEM!?! Poor customer service!!!!! I'm seriously irritated enough to find another carrier for my family! So what do I do for another phone for my son now?????

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      • e2k

        Re: T-Mobile has lost its mind!

        • The manufacturer, not T-Mobile, makes claims the durability of phones. TMO is most likely just advertising the device the way the manufacturer tells them to.
        • You should be vary cautious/wary anytime you see the word "guarantee." Unless it specifies exactly what happens when the condition is not met, it means nothing.
        • You might want to look into getting the screen replaced. doing so may be significantly cheaper than replacing the device.
        • AFAIK, Kyocera phones have a terrible reputation.
        • Placing a cheap ($5-$10) case or sleeve on a phone will protect it against damage in many instances. It is certainly no guarantee against damage, but it is much better than using nothing at all.
        • stevetjr

          Re: T-Mobile has lost its mind!

          Unfortunately Gorilla glass is not shatter proof, it is shatter resistant and if you catch a screen at just the right angle or it hits something in a particular spot it is going to crack and/or shatter.  Corning (who makes Gorilla Glass) has no "guarantees" and from looking at Kyocera's website  don't see that either but you might try the manufacturer since they describe the phone as "rugged" but the 810G rating really has more to do with the internals of the phone being "shock" resistant but again not "shock" proof.  The phone has been since July of last year and I don't even see them on T-Mobile's website any longer but see Wal-mart is selling them for $59.88 now. 


          The other thing you might try is that if the salesman stated the phone was "guaranteed" not to shatter you might go back to that location and see that employee or their manager.


          T-Mobile when they sell devices is no different than say Best Buy selling a Sony TV and after the return period if you have a warranty issue with a product you always have to take it up with the manufacturer of the device not the retailer (unless you have some kind of insurance plan you added on from the retailer).


          Again I know a broken phone screen bites, trust me last fall cracked the screen on my $850 Galaxy S6 Edge and it had an even newer version of the Gorilla glass and while with the newer version it didn't shatter it still cracked.

            • matesny

              Re: T-Mobile has lost its mind!

              Phone screens crack. That's what they do!

              I told my son to be extremely careful about his new (high end) phone and got him a military grade heavy duty case.

              He cracked the screen the next day!

              Now I am telling him "Whatever happened, happened and it could not have happened in any other way"!


            • foolmeonce

              Re: T-Mobile has lost its mind!

              I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gorilla Glass 3. S7 Edge users are having the same problem a glass screen toughest ever breaking with apparently no reason other than slight flexing of the phone. The new Samsung products are coming out with the gorilla glass 4. The 3 is a superior glass in strength it is far too rigid to be paired with the frames it's put on. This is not the first time Samsung Miss Matched parts. I am speaking of the Note 7 to big of a  battery to small of a space. Best wishes your friend Jason

              • dragon1562

                Re: T-Mobile has lost its mind!

                I would attempt to call the manufacturer and see what the cost of a replacement unit is or if they will do anything for you. I will ask though how much did T-mobile say the phone was because when I was looking things up it seemed fairly inexpensive to point where  it could even be cheaper just to buy him ether the same device or some other budget oriented phone.