Service is E vs 4G or LTE


    My service in zip code 48837 is E vs 4G or LTE. I have never had this issue before. Is there a reason why the service is worse then it has ever been? Is there an outage in my area that is causing this and it is just temporary?


    i have an iPhone 6.


    THank you

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Service is E vs 4G or LTE

        Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the service fox1dt. I did some checking on this for you and this is most likely due to some modernization on a tower that's in that zip code. This can happen when improvements are being made. So, it's not an outage, we're just working on improving coverage.

          • fox1dt

            Re: Service is E vs 4G or LTE

            thank you very much for the response. with this information, will this coverage be the new "normal" or since it is being modernized, once complete it will be better then it was before? If so, do you know about how long this process will take?


            I Am in the process of convincing more people to join the network, but if they can not get 4G/LTE at the house, I don't think I will be able to sell it.


            Thank you again for the help.