Texts created on the phone don't show up on the watch


    I'm able to receive texts sent to my phone on my watch and I'm able to reply to those texts from the watch and it appears to the person receiving the response, that it came from my phone. If I look at the phone, I can see the entire conversation (both sent and received) no matter if the text was sent from the phone, or from the watch. If I look at the watch, I see the received texts in the conversation, but I only see the sent texts that were originated on the watch. The texts that I sent form the phone do not appear in the conversation thread.


    This has only been happening for about a week or so. Previously the watch was showing all sent texts, no matter whether they originated on the watch, or the phone. Did something change with the recent FW upgrade, or did some setting on the watch, or the phone get messed up?

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