screen has life's good flashing, how to get rid of it?


    How to get rid of screen flashing (life's good) phone won't boot.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Wow, that's no good ohs53093.


        Can you try to start it up in safe mode using the steps on our  Safe mode: LG G3 page? If it boots up in safe mode, try uninstalling any 3rd party applications then restart the phone to see if that helps.

          • claysellers2

            Why is T-Mobile not helping customers with this issue. I've been a 12 year customer and no one seems to want to answer this question. Why do t-mobile reps say they have never heard of this issue when I did 1 Google searched and found video after video of people reporting this issue and it not just on T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon customers also report the same problems. So why are customer not getting new phones, I've barely had the phone a year. The rep online emailed me steps to optimize my phone which was useless. The problem is with the mainboard not any apps installed. The phone needs to and should be replaced. Good look getting T-Mobile to replace it, so far they keep giving my stuff to do and say wait 24 hrs, well its been 2 weeks so I think I know the mainboard is crap and the phones needs to be replaced.