Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge back button won't work anymore


    A while ago the device back button located at the right of the home button stopped working. The "recent apps" button (located at the other side) still responds fine.

    Tapping on "recent apps", as it responds, turns a light for it and the back button. Instead, tapping on the back button is insensitive (doesn't respond, nor does turn any light).


    Browsing the web I found a couple of articles telling that this is a known issue with Samsung Galaxy devices, and usually happens when a firmware update couldn't finish okay.


    I'm running Android 5.1.1 which, my device says, is the latest available version for it. I did all the possible factory resets, lost my data and installed apps many times but in vain. I can keep trying but it won't work if it didn't already.


    I can wait for the Marshmallow update but the wait is taking an eternity and I have no guarantees. The phone was acquired less than a year ago (so I believe is under warranty) and isn't rooted or anything (Device Status shows "Official").


    Please help. IMEI 359719060029628.

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      • If you cannot wait for the 6.0 update, you should look into warranty replacement options.  Despite yours being new, even replacing with a refurbished unit, if need be...would be the same as repairing your present would be a refurbished device after repair.

          • diegum

            Hmmmm... no, this should be fixed without refurbishing my device. If confirmed that a firmware update made the issue, the solution is in the device OS camp, not in the hardware one. Reflashing the device firmware doesn't shift the device to the category of "refurbished".


            I appreciate the answer anyway, snn_555!

              • smplyunprdctble

                T-Mobile won't reflash.


                You can contact Samsung to see what they can do about reflashing, if it's still under warranty (sounds like it should be?).  You'll probably have to pay shipping at least one way for it.

                • stevetjr

                  I doubt it was a firmware update that made the issues happen otherwise we would see a lot more complaints about it I am sure. My guess is the sensor failed, wouldn't be the first time something failed on a smartphone.  Usually if it was something from an OTA that causes something hinky it would be right after you updated it which for Samsung would have been December when we got the last security patch.  Not that I ever OTA an update (I use Kies/Smartswitch) but for those that do I always recommend clearing the cache partition which has been known to help with "mystery" issues following an OTA update.  Your other option you might want to check is see if one of the Best Buy Samsung Experience locations can put a fresh copy of the firmware on it, I know those are actual Samsung employees not Best Buy.