On a family plan, is de-prioritization after 25GB done per-line or for entire family?


    I read this page that explains T-Mobile's policies on data use:


    About T-Mobile’s Broadband Internet Access Services


    I commend the company for such an open and straightforward description of these policies.


    One thing was unclear: how some of the policies apply to family plans.


    The document refers to "customer" in many places. Does "customer" mean a family plan as a whole, or a single line within the plan?

    Specifically, the section "Network Management for Extremely High Data Usage" explains that "customers who use more than 25GB of data during a billing cycle will be de-prioritized for the remainder of the billing cycle in times and at locations where there are competing customer demands for network resources."

    On a family plan with unlimited data, is the 25GB threshold and de-prioritizing applied to the entire family plan? That is, does the de-prioritizing kick in on all lines in the plan if the total data for all lines hits 25GB?

    Or this it a per-line limit, where each line has its own 25GB threshold and only the lines that exceed that get de-prioritized?

    Or does it work some other way for a family plan?


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      • gramps28

        It's per line since the data isn't shared.

        • matesny

          Very good point here.

          Currently, T-Mobile offers one plan named Simple Choice, for individuals or families. There are no seperate plans for families. In order to have your family members get T Mobile service through your account, you simply add lines to your account and based on their promotions and how many lines you add, you get certain discounts. Thus, the question here becomes whether 25G excessive usage is per line or per account.

          There is a distinction between 2GB Basic Simple Choice plan and 6 & 10GB plans as the latter include Data Stash up to 20GB.

          Here are what we know:

          - Simple Choice plans DO NOT SHARE DATA. Each line gets its own data allotment.

          - DATA STASH may affect your own excessive usage limit. DATA STASH is NOT SHARED. (If you have 10GB plan and stashed 20GB, you will have 30GB High Speed allotment vs 25GB excessive usage limit. Which one decides where the deprioritization starts?)

          - Binge On and Music Freedom do count against this calculation even though they do not count against your High Speed Data allotment. (If you used binge on on your device to say, binge watch! you will exceed 25GB easily! but your data usage may show much much less!)


          My personal conclusion here is that excessive usage is "PER LINE" as data is not shared among the lines. Otherwise your usage is deprioritized the moment you exceed your own High Speed Data Plan limit. On a basic plan, the moment you exceed 2GB data, your speeds will be reduced, but your speeds may get reduced even before you use any high speed data but binge watch for several days or stream music nonstop!


          This refers to current plan offers. There used to be family plans with shared data, if you have one of those plans, changing into current, new Simple Choice may save you money!

            • gramps28

              matesny wrote:



              This refers to current plan offers. There used to be family plans with shared data, if you have one of those plans, changing into current, new Simple Choice may save you money!

              Tmobile never had any family plans with shared data.

                • stratoscope

                  gramps28 matesny - Thank you both for the informative replies! I should have mentioned that I do have a Simple Choice plan from about a year ago with unlimited data/text/minutes on two lines.


                  My daughter's contract on another carrier is about to run out, so I'm thinking of adding her to my T-Mobile account. But... She is a bit less frugal with her data usage than I am!


                  I'm on Wifi most of the time, but when I do use mobile data I need it to be fast. If her data slows down, she will hopefully get the message to cut down on the Snapchat or at least hop onto Wifi. But I was worried that it might affect my own data service as well. Glad to hear that won't be a problem.

                  p.s. I wish I could have marked both your replies as "correct answer" since they were both so helpful, sorry I couldn't do both!