WIFI calling issue chopping off beginning of call


    I noticed this starting very recently.  And it doesn't make much sense however I can reproduce it every time.


    I have 4 bars of LTE at home.  I am connected to WiFi at home as well.


    When I call into voicemail, the start of the greeting is cut off and I just hear it starting at "mailbox".  So the beginning part "you have... messages in your" is cut off.


    My preferences have cellular preferred for my calling.  So wifi calling isn't actually used at all.  So my call goes out as a VoLTE call.


    However if I turn wifi off, the problem goes away.  If I change wifi calling settings to wifi preferred so that the call is a wifi call, the problem goes away.  If I turn wifi calling off so that the call is VoLTE, the problem goes away.


    So it appears then when wifi calling is an option but cellular is preferred, something is going on that makes the start of the call get chopped off.


    At this point, I have deactivated wifi calling.

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      • tmo_lauren

        That's super bizarre, hmmm.


        Have you been able to replicate this on other WiFi networks?



        • cew0719

          VoLTE is terrible, at least on this phone. Even though I have full bars of LTE signal at home, if I enable VoLTE all of my calls are dropped every few minutes.  Call initiation is also much, much longer. And many calls, I've discovered, don't even come through. I'll get a voicemail notice but never got the call that initiated it.  I turn off VoLTE and all my calls are normal, no problem.  T-Mobile tech support says it is because my location is served by multiple towers. Even I have super-strong signal, the call is being switched from one tower to another and during that switch it is being dropped. That doesn't make me have much confidence in the technology.

            • amarryat

              Do you have wifi calling enabled?  If so, try turning it off.  VoLTE sets up calls MUCH faster.  It's usually ringing right after the last digit is entered.


              Their explanation about multiple towers sounds like BS too.  Otherwise as you drove around, calls would drop every time you came into range of another tower.

                • cew0719

                  VoLTE on my phone is horrible, every call is dropped every few minutes and call setup takes forever.  Turning off VoLTE and calls are stable.  And it has nothing to do with signal strength, I have full LTE signal.  It is because T-Mobile can't keep the calls stable when it is switching towers.


                  Also, I can't use Wi-Fi calling on this phone because it won't maintain a steady wi-fi connection.  All my other devices are stable, but not this phone.  As long as I have Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE disabled, my calls are stable. Turn on either one, there are numerous problems.