Has anyone else had sticker shock after going into the store to JUMP!!!


    I have been an T-Mobile customer for just over a year now. Between my crappy service, My phone being replaced and still not working properly all I wanted to do was JUMP to see if the problem was really the Nexus 6 phone. So I did some research. First I went online to look into Pre-ordering the S7 or S7 edge. Two days ago both phone were $0 down. So I called and asked a rep and the very nice young comfirmed $0 down but I would be responsible for the taxes and fees. At that time I was advised it would be better to JUMP i store so that I can leave with phone in hand that day and also to make sure there would be no surprise fees in regards to my trade in. Did I mention one of teh phones on our line was returned for a second time (Nexus 6) and out of the blue with no explanation we were hit with a $400 fee, we tried to dispute the water damage claim but to no avail. (By the way the phone was sent in for something totally different and had never seen water). But in order to keep our lines in service we ended up paying a total of $900 because we were given no choice. Okay now back to the JUMP. I went in store to take a look at the phone and was advised yet again this time specifying that I wanted to JUMP to S7 EDGE and was told again $0 I would just be responsible tor the taxes. Again ok..cool. Well today  is Released I leave and head straight to the T-Mobile store, ask for the phone and accesories the very sweet young lady'sand starts the JUMP and she ends with ma'am total due today is $106. The down payment has changed over night to $59.99. and that doesn't include the fees. Thank you soo much for the late notice. I had to leave with my phone that still doesn't receive calls and text in a timely manner, Horrible call quality ( I spend most of the time saying hello, like I am yodeling. Dropped calls, Phone sticks. JUST a MESS! All I wanted was a new working phone and as always screwed again by T-mobile. The day my phone and the rest of my familys' phone  get paid off we are out of here. Worst cell service I have ever had