Where to purchase battery cover with NFC Antenna


    I bought the blue box Walmart version and unfortunately the back cover does not have the NFC antenna, making NFC useless. I have found some on eBay but they appear to be generic and ship time from China is a month. I also went back to Walmart, and their remaining 5 devices also did not have the correct back cover.


    I have spent 3 days back and fourth with LG and their final response was to either contact T-Mobile or Walmart. I would prefer not to use eBay. Is it possible to just walk into a T-Mobile store and purchase the back cover with the NFC antenna, or does T-Mobile offer this online? I can not seem to find one outside of eBay.


    I really like the device, but at this point in time if I can't get the correct back cover, I may just take it back to Walmart. Needless to say I'll never by an LG product again.



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