How to disable guest user and create new user from locked screen?


    I just purchased this tablet and so far i would rate it a 5 or maybe a 6 out of 10.

    Does anyone know how to disable guest user access and remove the option of someone creating a new account from your lock screen?

    I understand a password is meant to protect your personal information but I don't see the point of leaving the tablet open for anyone to create a new account or have guest access. Basically if the tablet is lost, stolen, or if anyone just wants to use the tablet they can without your authority. I don't mean to be rude but i have no idea what they were thinkin when they made this version of android.

    As for T-Mobile, for the $700+ cost you charge for this tablet, you guys have removed many features that many providers already provide to their users and even found in the wifi only Galaxy tab s2. If you guys cant fix this, i will be taking in back.


    No auto restart option

    No option to disable guest access from locked screen*** <<------very important security concern

    No option for splash screen effect for default user

    No touch key light duration option

    No option to get files from shared network.



    Ive researched appa and called samsung aboutnthese issues and they qll go back to tmobile putt I ng blocks on them. Shocking, frustrating, and annoying fornall the money you guys ask for this. I would of expected more control of my own tablet

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