Samsung Rugby II


    I'm a recent transfer from AT&T and I've got a Samsung SGH-A847 aka Samsung Rugby II. MMS not working as of yet. The APN options that I have are:

    Set Name

    Access Name

    Auth Type <None, Normal, Secure>

    Used ID


    Protocol <HTTP, WAP>

    Home URL

    Proxy Address

    Linger Time


    I've tried all the suggestions and combinations that I can find:

    Access Name: or or

    Auth Type: None

    Protocol: HTTP

    Home URL:

    Proxy Address: or blank


    Has any one had luck with this particular phone? Or any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Samsung Rugby II

        Hi frostbyte0! Thanks for using the forum.


        We don't have any other settings we can give you. One thing to keep in mind is the phone will need to be able to connect to the internet on T-Mobile's network in order for the MMS to have the best chance of going through. The tricky thing is even with all the correct settings entered, T-Mobile is unable to guarantee the services will work on Non T-Mobile phones.

        Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer

        • holliday360

          Re: Samsung Rugby II

          ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY can NOT get a Samsung Rugby II to MMS on the TMobile network, even after setting up different APN profiles for text and internet, it won't do it. You can only use it as a phone and send regular (non-picture) texts. There is NO OPTION to change settings to IPv4 and IPv6, which is necessary for MMS use.Unless TMobile configures their system to accept whatever protocol the Rugby II is using to send MMS, it can't be done.