Sluggish performance after 6.0 update???


    Hello! I updated my LG G4 to Marshmallow 6.0 and I've noticed that scrolling in certain apps has become very sluggish and laggy (Gmail, Quickpic, Dolphin browser, and others). Even parts of the settings menu and notification shade have a lot more frame dropping and sluggishness than before. Most games that I've tried also have poor performance (massive frame dropping/skipping). It honestly seems like the phone's CPU is "throttling" much sooner than usual and it's terribly annoying! I've also factory reset the device 4 (FOUR) times, but it's made very little difference in performance. The only positive things I can say is that Chrome and YouTube perform better than before.


    Has anyone else experienced this? I'd hate to think that LG crippled the performance the G4 on purpose just as the G5 was announced so that their customers would feel like they had to upgrade.

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