Cannot disable 4G LTE data on my Sansung Galaxy Note 4


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    I cannot disabled 4G LTE data on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have unchecked the two options (“Standard Data” and “Enhanced 4G LTE Services ” ) found in the Mobile Data section (Settings -> Connection -> More Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Mobile Data). However, doing so apparently did not turn off the mobile 4G data on my phone. I say this because I can see the 4G LTE sign on the top of my phone screen when I have both WIFI turned off and the two options under the Mobile Data section are turned off ( unchecked) as well. I can also use internet or apps that requires internet connection when I have both WiFi and the 4G data turned off. I expect that unless I turned on my mobile data by checking the two (“Standard Data” and “Enhanced 4G LTE Services” )options, I should not use 4G data when wifi is off. I am just trying to make sure that I can use 4G LTE data when needed in order to stay within my monthly data quota. Any help is highly appreciated. When WiFi is on, the phone is using WiFi


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