Inflight texting REG99 problems


    Recently updated to Marshmallow... I am unable to get in-flight texting to work on my phone.  I connect to gogo and select the "free tmobile texting" icon, follow all the prompts, and after cycling the wifi off/on, it will not connect to wifi calling.  I continually get the REG99 error.  After the last flight, I went to a physical store and they switched my sim cards and then called tech support.  Their suggestion was to try it again on my next flight, but do the following steps: connect as normal, then "forget" the gogo network in wifi settings, reconnect gogo, cycle power...unfortunately that didn't fix the problem...I continually get the REG99 error and it will not connect to wifi calling which enables the free inflight texting...I had been using an S6 for a couple of months and it worked flawlessly inflight...without issues...I might add that wifi calling works perfectly fine at home and when using hotel wifi hotspots - never get the reg99 error.


    The LG G4 has previously been stable, but the latest marshmallow update has ruined the inflight texting feature on this phone...As a side note, I noticed the same exact behavior using a Nexus 6 with would display the same behavior as my LG G4 is doing...I wish that someone could run this up the flagpole and get it fixed.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Inflight texting REG99 problems

        Hi necostanzo and thanks for reaching out.


        You need to have a trouble ticket filed for that error. I would suggest you Contact Us and give our T-Force team a chance to help. They have the tools needed to run this by our engineering team and have this looked into further. They are available 24/7 so you can send them a message anytime through one of the social media links.

        • mkas

          Re: Inflight texting REG99 problems

          I've also been having this issue with REG99 error - I've found that turning wifi on/off/on does not address the issue (ever).


          I have found that rebooting the phone AFTER registering with the inflight gogo server works every time! 


          Not sure why turning WIFI on/off/on or disabling and re-enabling wifi calling doesn't address the issue... Rebooting "stinks" but works!