Where is my Samsung Galaxy S7?


    Tmobile tells me order has been shipped, UPS tells me they do not have it and yea, I don't want to hear about how it comes out on the 11th of March, I know people that have already received it.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Where is my Samsung Galaxy S7?

        Official Galaxy S7 & S7 edge Order Thread

        There's already a thread for you.


        Also, just because a shipping label and everything has been created doesn't mean UPS has picked it up from a warehouse yet.  I've had plenty of orders in my life (non-T-Mobile in this case) where a tracking number has been emailed and it took two or three days before it's available from UPS.

        • roodsroods

          Re: Where is my Samsung Galaxy S7?

          I'm glad yours is coming in. I pre-ordered mine 2 days ago and they said it would take 48hrs for everything to process. What the sales person failed to tell me is that it's actually on backorder right now and they're not sure when I will be getting mine (according the customer service via phone), who also was so kind to remind me that "if I cancel my pre-order, it will take longer" cheap sales tactic. Then they end the conversation with "thanks for being a loyal customer for X amount of years." I'm a very patient and understanding guy, I just don't like it when people aren't upfront with me, it's rude.

          • p-tricky13

            Re: Where is my Samsung Galaxy S7?

            I pre-ordered my s7 edge on the 23rd. Got an email from T-mobile on the 29th that said my order got shipped. Order status on the site says shipped. UPS site says "Order Processed: Ready for UPS". It hasn't changed since the 29th. I know the phone is not supposed to come out until the 11th, but there are a lot of people who already received their phone days ago that placed their orders much later than I did. Should I be worried it seems like it's stuck somewhere. I just need an update.

            • ny_jones

              Re: Where is my Samsung Galaxy S7?

              Every time I check the status on my phone they shipment date changes so I'm assuming T-mobile still have my phone because when I go to UPS and put in my tracking number, they don't have any record of it

              • intub8

                Re: Where is my Samsung Galaxy S7?

                Are store sales reps able to cancel an order that I placed online? To add some more detail last week I placed an online order for the galaxy s7 edge only to find out it is back ordered and it isn't scheduled to ship out for a few days after the store launch. I would like to go to the store tomorrow and hopefully get the s7 edge if they have it in stock. I know they are strictly first come first serve and the store wont hold one for me so I plan to be their at least an hour before they open. I wanted to wait until I got to the store and they had the phone before I cancelled my current order. Any employee that works in a store who could chime in would be greatly appreciated.

                • e90009

                  Re: Where is my Samsung Galaxy S7?

                  I ordered two phones. I was promised by a T-Mobile representative that the first phone, which is ready in the warehouse, will ship today (Monday, 3/14), while the second phone would ship when available. She said this was confirmed and verified in the system.


                  However, today I received an email suggesting the opposite. I then called again, and I was told that the previous representative was simply wrong and could not have had any such information--that there was no basis for that whatsoever. I even spoke to a supervisor who said the same thing and said that there is no conceivable way in any circumstance that I can receive the phone that is ready prior to the other phone being available.


                  I ordered in a very time sensitive situation. Originally, a T-Mobile rep even suggested I would get both phones last week. I would not have ordered at all if I had known that even receiving an available phone is not possible now until who knows when (and in particular, the week of 3/20 is very problematic for me).


                  I do not understand how one rep can explicitly and clearly promise one thing and another the next day can say essentially that the rep was lying and that there is no explanation. This is additionally problematic because my eligibility for promotions may lapse, as I need the time to port my number before I can apply for the promotions.

                  • I pre-ordered on the 6th. NOTHING SO FAR. At this point, I'm not even going to waste my time calling CS or even going to a store. Checking order status says "order placed". That's it.


                    My sister in law switched from Verizon. I am a current TMO user (past 10+yrs). She moved our plans over to take advantage of adding a extra line. We got 2 S7 Edge's (Gold and Silver). 


                    This is my first time in 10 years ordering a phone from TMO. NEVER AGAIN.

                      • theartiszan

                        Re: Where is my Samsung Galaxy S7?

                        You waited too long. So long after the preorder opened it would be unlikely that there would be enough stock to continue filing orders on demand. That is unlikely and only in a less than stellar product for pre-order that not that many people want would there still be ample stock. More orders came in than devices were available for shipment. Samsung has to manufacturer all those phones for every carrier world wide with the same or more amounts of orders. I am shocked they didn't fall behind earlier