Blackberry OS 10.3.XX


    Has anyone here on T-Mobile used Sachesi to upgrade a BB Z10 to BB OS 10.3.XX?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Blackberry OS 10.3.XX

        Hey barryl6 and thanks for using the forum.


        Based on our Software version: BlackBerry Z10 page, our latest version is We wouldn't have any information here about upgrading to 10.3.

          • barryl6

            Re: Blackberry OS 10.3.XX

            I understand what you're saying Mike. I asked the question because it's become obvious to me that T-Mobile has decided to forego any upgrade of the Blackberry Z10 operating system thereby taking away the opportunity for us to use the latest capabilities of our phones.


            I like T-Mobile, and if you check the records, you'll find that I've been a loyal customer for a lot of years. But the fact remains that I want to get the most out of my phone.


            So, I will first try to upgrade through the "back door", and if that doesn't work, I'll find a carrier who will support my phone.



              • aiharkness

                Re: Blackberry OS 10.3.XX

                @barryl6 Are you still around.  For you and others who may be reading, I have not done it.  But, probably you know, many have done so.  Have you been reading about it on CrackBerry?


                Another alternative is autoloader, though you will need to backup before and restore after.  There is a sticky thread on the BlackBerry support forum, and also information and links at CrackBerry.


                Both of these are user workarounds, of course.  T-Mobile will not support it, and the T-Mobile employees cannot advise you to do it. 

            • mikzzymizmiz

              Re: Blackberry OS 10.3.XX

              I updated a Q10 using Sachesi and it went totally smooth. I am on I followed the instructions on CB and BB forum and had no issues.