Cracked iPhone 6 Plus with JUMP!


    I have an iPhone 6 Plus which was dropped resulting in a cracked screen. The phone still works fine, but it's rather annoying to look at, much less use.


    I am enrolled in the JUMP! program and I understand that I can file a claim with a $175 deductible and receive a new or refurbished replacement iPhone 6 Plus. However, I was wondering if I could use this JUMP! to upgrade to the new iPhone 6S Plus. I realize, though, that there is a 3-point checkup on my current phone to rate its eligibility for the upgrade, in which I don't think my phone would pass due to its cracked screen.


    With that being said, what would be my best course of action? Pay the $175 deductible, then go ahead with the iPhone 6S Plus upgrade?

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