Very slow internet speed


    I have to bump this thread and I am glad that I am not alone in this ordeal. Over the last year or so, LTE speeds in many areas have plummeted. At my Apartment in Bensalem, PA, I am lucky to break 4Mbit speeds, and most of the time tests show between 0.5 - 2 Mbits. I have my own internet WIFI in my Apt. so that isn't a big deal to me.


    I have an unlimited data plan and never use more than 8 - 12GB of data per month so I know I am not being throttled/de-prioritized. When I am rural/suburban areas with LTE, I get excellent speeds most of the time, exceeding 50Mbits. When I am in highly populated areas of cities, that is where the problems are lately. In many parts of Philadelphia, PA, and Trenton, NJ where I regularly work as a field tech, my Galaxy Note 5 (Whether on Band 4 or 12), is nearly unusable on T-Mobile's network. I've submitted numerous complaints with T-Force with facebook messages and it's nothing but the runaround "We're improving our network, etc etc give us time. We have submitted a ticket to engineering. blah blah blah". Back in January I was told by T-Force that they expect to see improvements in Trenton, NJ no later than the beginning of Feb. Tomorrow will be March 1st and in Trenton, NJ today speeds are still abysmal. Speedtests all around Trenton, NJ rarely exceed 1Mbit and a many times just time out. The average speedtest in Trenton, NJ shows anywhere between 0.1 - 0.8Mbits with high latency (150 - 300 ping). Before anybody tries to tell me this is my phone, my girlfriend has a Nexus 6P and when we're together and I am getting slow speeds, she gets the same slow speeds on her phone.


    I am just fed up with the sluggish performance I've been getting in many areas with T-Mobile and if this isn't fixed soon, I'm going to have to sadly switch to Verizon or AT&T. I guess the old saying "You get what you pay for" rings true.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Very slow internet speed

        Hey jcap334 that's no good that the data has been sluggish for you. Filing tickets for those areas was the right thing to do to have this investigated. Have you reached out to T-Force recently to get an update on the tickets you filed?

          • jcap334

            Re: Very slow internet speed

            I have lost count of how many times I've reached out to T-Force regarding this issue and I always get the same canned respond every time. At this point I have given up and if this issue continues much longer, I am going to call them and demand I get some kind of compensation. I am paying for a service that does not function as advertised.

            • jcap334

              Re: Very slow internet speed

              Here is my lovely LTE speed at my apertment complex located at 2835 Century Ln, Bensalem, PA 19020. I get these speeds in Trenton, NJ as well during the day while working.


              It is like this most of the day/evening and is only faster (not that fast) in the early morning where it might break 8Mbits if I'm lucky.Screenshot_2016-02-29-17-06-47.pngScreenshot_2016-02-29-17-07-02.png

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: Very slow internet speed

                  Thanks for that information. The only way to help now would be to revisit the tickets that you filed with T-Force. I understand you contacted them already, but they would have the ability to find those tickets and bring this to the attention of field techs for any updates on the coverage.

                    • jcap334

                      Re: Very slow internet speed

                      I've contacted T-Force numerous times within the last 4 months regarding this issue, mainly focusing on the sluggish performance in the Trenton, NJ area. T-Mobile's LTE is a complete joke anymore. It's hit or miss depending on what tower I'm on. I can be doing 20 - 60Mbits in a less crowded area, and do less than 1Mbit in another more crowded area. There is no consistency with the network.


                      Here are copied and pasted responses from them on various dates, and since then nothing has been done to fix the issues I've been experiencing. All these are responses from my complaining about slow network performance in Trenton, NJ attaching screenshots of speed tests and service mode showing tower info:

                      Jan 4th 2016

                      "Yikes! I took at look at the trouble ticket that has been processed for you Jason and it seems that we are undergoing some improvements within the month. Our engineers are working diligently to resolve this issue for you because we know how important it is for you to be able to use your device efficiently. We do apologize for the inconvenience, and ask for your patience while we get this resolved. Thank you for understanding! *RiesaM"

                      Jan 21st 2016

                      "Thank you for the feedback! We hope to see the improvements in place no later than the beginning of the month. We appreciate the examples and staying engaged with us. *DrewG"

                      ^ Beginning of Feb comes and goes, and speeds still bad in Trenton, NJ


                      Feb 1st 2016


                      "Oh no, Jason, that's no good! I see we've filed a few tickets for you for slow data, and I want to apologize that you're still having any issues at all. Back in December, our engineers acknowledged that there were network issues causing your slow data speeds, but stated they were implementing a network fix that would be in place within 30 days. Since the 30 days has passed, I've escalated another ticket asking for a network update. I'm confident that we'll get your data working! Go ahead and send us a message in the next couple of days and we'll update you on the ticket status. Let us know if you have any other questions, we are here 24/7! *SusanP"


                      "Thanks a bunch Jason, we appreciate you keeping us up to date with the issue. The screenshots are immensely helpful too! We're looking forward to resolving this permanently! *SusanP"


                      Feb 11th 2016


                      "Thank you for that info. I do see what's going on. We have a great network of customers in that area and are actively working to get more towers up to clear up this issue. We really appreciate you keeping us updated. *FolasadeO"


                      "I know your expectations are high and very well necessary when you want to get access to those fast data speeds. It seems as though you're in high congestion areas at those Trenton addresses with limited tower availability and time of day may play a factor in this congestion. We're always working on improvements and as soon as we're able to expand, you'll see an immediate change. I can also suggest to try turning off the Binge on feature by calling #263# and attempt this way, as well as with the feature on #266# and let us know if you may have a different experience toggling that feature. I hope this helps! *DarwinM"


                      Feb 26th 2016


                      "Thanks for the info Jason. I do see that we have had a few tickets filed for you and that our engineers have indicated that there will be future improvements coming to the area. It looks like we have already relayed this information to you as well:) We appreciate you keeping us up to date on how your phone is working. We are working to improve the network for ya just need some time. Thanks again for your feedback smile emoticon *MarvaB"




                      As you can see, T-Force is no use. No solid ETA or useful information regarding fixing T-Mobile's broken/overloaded network.

                • sl00th

                  Re: Very slow internet speed

                  So after you provided all of that Data they just dropped it?


                  lol I was coming here for some help with the same exact thing.

                  I get great speeds when no one is around, but if there is a crowd I get the same numbers you do.

                  I have also received many tickets with promises of call backs but it never happens.

                  The only difference is that I am nowhere near as organized as you.


                  I even bought an AT&T hotspot so when their network is like this I can still surf the web.


                  • superstorm81

                    Re: Very slow internet speed

                    Having same issue for past week!

                    0.5 mb download speeds on my 4g unlimited plan.

                    This is usually happeing when im at work in midtown manhattan during day hours.

                    At nite when im home outside manhattan, no issue.

                    Im about to switch back to verizon now that they have unlimited.

                    Been on tmobile 5 months - NOT IMPRESSED.  Coverage is not as good.


                    If this is an issue about congestion in heavy urban areas, they should have been proactive.

                    • angus212

                      Re: Very slow internet speed

                      Having the same issue ever since switched from AT&T to T-Mobile 3 months ago. At my home in San Francisco, CA I am getting 0.5Mb download and 0.2Mb upload, and on my way to work on Bart I can't even access the internet for 3 stops (I was able to when I was with AT&T). This is sad! Might end up switching back to AT&T.

                      • magenta3701590

                        Re: Very slow internet speed

                        Slow internet speed in Houston area. Internet speed in Pearland, tx 777584 area is miserable. Mostly it is below 1.00 mbps in the area.  Opened multple tickets with Tmobile but no resolution. Tmobile will loss their most loyal customer if they do not improve service.

                        • jim92

                          Re: Very slow internet speed

                          The speed has gotten absolutely ridiculous here in Arizona, the normal throttled lte speed is 14KBPS! 26kbps at it's peak, and I'm supposed to be getting 128kbps, what a false statement to put on a plan. And me a customer of over 4 years. Doesn't appear that anyone in this thread is going to see any change whatsoever..what a shame.

                          • marcoloco36

                            Re: Very slow internet speed

                            I have been experiencing horrible speeds as well.

                            With me is a bit different.  I live in the middle of no where

                            in west Texas.  It sucks all day.  1 to 2.4 down speeds.  Horrible.

                            I just did the whole ticket thing today.  We'll see.