Final bill not prorated? Poor customer service.


    I ported my number to AT&T on January 10, 2016, with the expectation that my final bill will be prorated for the 4 days of usage.  My bill cycle is the 6th of each month.  I keep close records of all my charges, so I was under the assumption that my account is current and I paid my bill for the period 12/7/15 - 1/6/16, since I was billed 1 month in advance.  Once I ported my number on 1/10/16, I knew I had to pay the equipment balance and whatever final bill I may have.  I tried logging into my account to check any balances, but no luck. Since I cancelled my account, I can no longer log in online.  No big deal, I figure I would get a bill.  Fast forward 1 month later, around February 3, I received a letter from Tmobile saying my account is past due and I owe $207.  There was no description of what the charges were for.  I knew it wasn't the equipment balance, because I owed more than that.  I called Tmobile customer service, and they try to tell me it's for the service period 12/7/15 - 1/6/16.  I tried to explain that I believe I paid that bill in late December, because I was billed 1 month in advance.  They kept insisting I was wrong, that they don't bill that way, and it was for 12/7/15 - 1/6/16.  I request to see my 1st bill to verify that I was billed a prorated charge of the month I started service + 1 month in advance.  They said they couldn't go back that far, and I had to go into a retail store.  Fine.  Before I went to a store, I received a final bill a few days later with the same $207 past due charge with no description of what it was for + the equipment balance. I went to a retail store and they said they can't go back that far either.  WTF?  However, they were finally able to pull up the January bill that I never received (I had paperless billing, but I couldn't see the bill online since I couldn't log in after cancellation).  It stated it was for 1/7/16 - 2/6/16.  So after I inquired about that, the retail rep finally stated they don't prorate the final bill when you port out. 

    Long story short, I left the store wondering why I was led to believe I was being billed for a period I already paid for?  Did they not want to tell me they didn't prorate the final bill unless I discover it through my own investigation?  Why did I receive a past due letter when I never even received the final bill, or was able to view online?  Am I expected to just pay a bill that says, "past due" amount without know what it was for?  Also, after I found out about the final bill not being prorated, I did some searching and did find that the terms of agreement says so.  But really, who reads that?  I'm more upset that they try to tell me I'm being billed for something I already paid for to avoid telling me about not prorating the bill.  Because I suspect most people will be livid to find that out. 

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Read the Terms and Conditions (link at bottom of page)

        Says if you port out, you're responsible for the full month.

          • francisyou

            Yes, I read that after the fact.  What I'm upset about is they kept insisting that they were billing me for a period that I was already billed for and paid.  They even went as far as telling me it was for the month of 12/7/15-1/6/16 + the prorated charge for the few days of the new month before I ported out.  Like I said, I have records of every month's charges and what I paid, and they keep insisting I was wrong.  Just tell me what I was being billed for accurately.  Not so much to ask for I don't think, especially if I can't see my bill online anymore and you are not going to mail it to me either. 

              • smplyunprdctble

                There's two different billing options, based on when you became a customer.

                People who are accustomed to the Bill Arrears (which would have "explained" your situation) would have had a bill like that, assuming a proration.

                You were Bill Current, it sounds, which means exactly what you've come to determine.


                T-Force should be able to get you a copy of your bill.  Hit them up on Social Media: Contact Us.  You SHOULD have gotten a copy of your bill upon canceling, but there's a number of complaints that doesn't happen (wrong address tends to be a majority of the problems).

            • stevetjr

              francisyou wrote:

              But really, who reads that?  I'm more upset that they try to tell me I'm being billed for something I already paid for to avoid telling me about not prorating the bill.  Because I suspect most people will be livid to find that out.


              Actually if you read the terms of service for all the carriers and it is on this site in multiple threads that none of the carriers including the one you ported to prorate service.  So if you ever decide to leave Big Blue they won't prorate either so beware.

              • tmo_lauren



                Thanks so much for reaching out. Apologies in advance for any confusion or transparency issues that may have occurred through the research process to find out exactly what your bill was for. As you mentioned, the pro-rating terms and conditions are available online as when you activated. If you call alerting us of your cancel, it is standard to provide that information so you go into the cancel knowing how the billing works so we always suggest calling your carrier (even if it isn't us!) to note any major account changes. And lastly, your sales rep with the new carrier is often able to provide a heads up on the policy as it's one the majors share (Terms of Service - Legal Policy Center - AT&T section 1.5) and is an industry standard.


                If you have any confusion about the bill itself and you are still concerned something is wrong beyond just the final month not being pro-rated, I would suggest reaching out to T-Force over social media as they will be trained for billing intensively! Contact Us