Where can I see my usage?


    new iPas Pro and i thougth that I had cellular turned off yesterday but didn't. Need to know how much damage I did!


    thanks, Ken

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Assuming you have a postpaid account, all information is in http://my.t-mobile.com under the Usage tab.

        Otherwise, you're going to have to use the tools within your iPad to show your usage.

          • kenneth.k.carter@gmail.com

            I had seen that when I had posted but the issue was that the site was reflecting the initial 'free' 200kb settings and not my subscribed settings so it was confusing at best and not reflective of a true 'dashboard' of usage'. Yesterday afternoon I was back into that page and noticed that it had finally updated with my actual subscribed values with my current usage which makes a bit more sense.


            T-mobile folks... Bit of note here.. I'm a web coder and I am under impressed with the granularity of the report. I was anticipating something that would have perhaps given me something with a bit more reflection on periods of consumption to assist me the consumer manage my usage, however I'm not 'dis-satisfied' at all just a bit underwhelm.  Thus far the service is great and happy to be on borad with T-Mobile.


            Thanks, all for reading this and the one who responded.



            Ken Carter