Can I change how Tmobile split the family lines?


    Right now I have 1 cell phone line on my account.  It is my wife's phone.  It is $50 plus tax and insurance.  She also has the free unlimited data from the refer a friend promotion.

    I am currently with Verizon and would like to move to Tmobile.  i know the second line is $30 +tax.


    However, i can submit my portion of the cell bill to work as a tax deduction (I will spare the details).  Anyhow, I would rather my portion of the bill be $50 and hers be $30.  Is it possible to change the designation of which is the "main" line and which is the secondary line.


    Another option would be once I am on with Tmobile with $30 for 1GB, can I switch lines/account with the wife but keeping same number?  Thus her number will get the $30 1GB and my number will get the $50 with unlimited data promo?

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