Network issues


    Well I notice it barely closer to evening 2/21/2016 that have issues been fixed. I had issues for more then 2 weeks data too, in fresno, clovis(i got to go back to see how it is in 93722 closer to the ranch) , in  merced, atwater, modesto, turlock,  orville it was only one day that I was passing by on train from Fresno to Sacramento that day was the 19th, chico ca it was 3 days which was irritating. I do give T-Mobile for fixing the issues. Another issue is My T-Mobile wiget app was not working and having serious problems. I did everything in my power that the higher end tech said he reported the issue for coverage area between mckennely and olive Fresno ca. He said the closest tower is located 6 major blocks from me either direction. I felt confident what service he provided made T-Mobile bring it to the highest personal he did say it may take time or not at all because I needed a tower near me that's what the issue and their is a lot of people using that tower. Their is an option to use T-Mobile cellspot made by Asus(i got it in 2014) which I love, however cellspot will only reach a 20 feet ratios which I need 550 feet ratios I work outside a lot 35% of the time.

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