***T-Mobile told me false information***


    I've been a customer of T-Mobile for nearly 2yrs, and when I initially signed on with them, they desperately declared a reassurance.."YOU WILL NOT BE THROTTLED NO MATTER HOW MUCH DATA YOU USE." Well...I can only use 20gb of data at 4g lte now...and anything after that is throttled? Oh excuse me...they prefer not to use that word, instead they came up with a less controversial word.."prioritize". This is all very disconcerning to my wife and I. If you say something will change in time, say that in the beginning..if things WILL not change down the road..give proof and don't feed someone a lie dang it...I loved T-Mobile, but I think it may be time to relinquish from being a customer of theirs, and find someone else. I may pay more $$, but at least I will not be lied to. Disappointing.

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      • Optimize. Not prioritize.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: ***T-Mobile told me false information***

          Hey, that's tough feeling like you've been lied to but I'd like to help clear some things up. Data speeds can be reduced depending on how your account is set up and how you're using it. However, T-Mobile has a few ways to help lessen the chances of being slowed down and save your data. Depending on the phone you're using, it may have the ability to track what applications or services are using the most data. Once we figure out that, we may be able to make some recommendations on how to manage the data and keep you from being  slowed down.

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            First this is old news, it has been known and all the carriers had some form of cap on the unlimited plans where they throttled data.  T-Mobile's CEO came out last year and was the first to one point out they don't throttle it is prioritized below other data so if the tower you are on is not congested or it say late at night you will still get LTE speeds but he also came out and actually just said, here is the number no other carrier that either has unlimited or still has grandfathered unlimited all have the same disclaimers but won't tell you the number just it is the "top users".  T-Mobile didn't just throw a number and took just like the top 3% who were using substantially more resources than the other 97%.  I watch a lot of Netflix, Music and social and at 4 days left in my billing cycle I am only at 11GB.


            "This isn't a change in our policy, but we have updated our disclosures so that consumers can see the specific amount of data usage that would put them into the top 3% of users," T-Mobile said. "While the threshold changes every quarter, the management of our network in times and places of congestion has been our policy since launching Simple Choice Unlimited 4G LTE."

            T-Mobile notes that if any wireless tower is congested, any user may see slower speeds. "On the rare occasion when a T-Mobile cell site is congested, the top 3% of our data users could see their data prioritized behind lower data users. A threshold is established every calendar quarter," the carrier said. "For the current quarter, a user reaches that threshold when exceeding 21 GB in a month. By comparison AT&T has a 5 GB threshold and both AT&T and Verizon manage network capacity with top 5% of users."

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                Ok, I've read the same article, but the point is...if you pay money for someone to sell you a specific sale...you better get what you paid for. There is no clause in my contract that ever stated that I would ever be prioritized. Let's face it, T-Mobile has a very good sales pitch, but it is still a pitch. I asked and asked before and after my data plan purchase..and was assured. THERE WILL BE NO THROTTLING. PERIOD. Anyways, I'm just a pawn in this game..so I will just go with the flow till I can find something else. One last thing, I understand what the CEO stated, but it would have been nice to add this disclaimer in the beginning.

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                    It was in the original terms of service just like all the carriers, just

                    not with an actual number which was a major change in how the mobike

                    business was run before John Legere took over and it is not throttling.

                    Throttle implies a permanent slow down base on going over a limit,

                    deprioritizing just means your data will go behind the other 97% of the

                    customers that a sharing a resource, but if there is no congestion on said

                    Tower then you will not see a difference.

                    • tidbits

                      Re: ***T-Mobile told me false information***

                      There is no throttling. You have a misconception of what throttling is.


                      Throttling. You go this speed and no faster until end of cycle. You go 128kbps no faster.


                      Network optimization. You got slower, but the speed isn't defined by the system. Say you get 20mbps. Network in your area gets congested. You go 12mbps because of that congestion. Then say it gets more heavily congested then you got 4mbps. Network tapers off you go back to 20mbps. This is all defined by how congested the site is not about how much you used.


                      I been on both ends. Got the 1GB plan and went over and I have had the unlimited data plan and in Hawaii I will never get throttled(not enough people to congest a tower site), and traveled to SF(possible here), and that is my findings.

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                        Re: ***T-Mobile told me false information***

                        There is a clause in all contracts. All carriers always had a fair use clause. You can find this dating back to the 90's ironically before the internet.

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                          Re: ***T-Mobile told me false information***

                          moredatapls wrote:


                          There is no clause in my contract that ever stated that I would ever be prioritized.

                          Tmobile doesn't have contracts any more but they do have terms and conditions that can be changed.


                          T-Mobile Terms and Conditions



                          Yes. Except as described below for Rate Plans with the price-lock guarantee, we may change, limit, suspend or terminate your Service or this Agreement at any time, including if you engage in any of the prohibited uses described here or no longer reside in a T-Mobile-owned network coverage area. Under certain limited circumstances, we may also block your device from working on our network. If the change to your Service or Rate Plan will have a material adverse effect on you, we will provide 14 days’ notice of the change. You’ll agree to any change by using your Service after the effectiveness of the change.

                          If you are on a price-lock guaranteed Rate Plan, we will not increase your monthly recurring Service charge (“Recurring Charge”) for the period that applies to your Rate Plan, or, if no specific period applies, for as long as you continuously remain a customer in good standing on a qualifying Rate Plan. If you switch plans, the price-lock guarantee for your new Rate Plan will apply (if there is one). The price-lock guarantee does not include taxes, surcharges, fees, or charges for extra features or Devices. If your Service or account is limited, suspended or terminated and then reinstated, you may be charged a reactivation fee. For information about our unlocking policy, click here.

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                        Re: ***T-Mobile told me false information***

                        Salespeople are employed to make a sale. They might tell you something that is not entirely true, either due to ignorance, deliberate omission, or straight out lying. If you want to understand the full contract, you have to read it.


                        Did your read all of the terms and conditions before you agreed to them?

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                          Re: ***T-Mobile told me false information***

                          Thanks everyone, you all have valid replies and information that is solid, but still doesn't help me. I pay $129.62 monthly for service....that is equivalent to Walmart family mobile..in other words, it's pretty slow most times.