Phone doesn't recognize when off network (emergency calls only)


    With the LG V10, when ever I am off network (the device seems to connect to AT&T and thinks it's on-network.


    With previous devices, whence this happened, there would be a notification at the top that said "emergency calls only". However, the V10 just shows the signal strength without a data service indicator. When trying to make a call or send a text in this situation, it will just fail.


    The problem is I prefer to have WiFi calling enabled, set to "cellular preferred", and in this scenario, since the device is picking up AT&T, it is not falling back to WiFi calling. The only solution I have found is to say WiFi calling to "WiFi preferred", however this is unacceptable for me, since our office WiFi doesn't handle WiFi calling very well.


    How do I make this device fall back to WiFi calling when I'm on an "emergency calls only" network?

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