HTC M9 Hot Spot Stopped Working When Screen Display Shuts Off After T-Mobile Pushed Update


    Hi everyone,


    So I just open my t-mobile account. I purchased an HTC M9. My plan includes hot spot. For the last 2 days I have turned my hot spot to connect my tablet when I drive flawlessly. Internet worked on the tablet.


    T-Mobile started to push an OTA update, even though I specifically turned off AUTO updates in the preferences. After the first update my Hot Spot stops the internet on my devices when the screen on the phone turns off. I went into the preferences>mobile hot spot>power mode> and checked turn off after 10 mins to "always on",


    that did not fix the problem. Called HTC and they tell me that the hot spot will turn off now when the display on the phone goes off to save power. In order to use the hot spot you have to set the display to NOT turn off. I mean what kind of logic is that? I have an Samsung Galaxy Prime, same family plan that works without the display being turned off.


    I took t-mobiles second update on the the M9 to see if things would be fixed to no avail. I am running  Android 5.1 Software 2.11.531.19

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