Did T-Mobile disable bluetooth tethering?


    When I purchased my Samsung S6 at a T-mobile store, I explicitly tested bluetooth tethering and was going to buy an unlocked phone if it would not tether. I also wanted single number wifi calling, but was not willing to give up bluetooth tethering to get it. Since tethering worked, I bought the T-Mobile phone rather than an unlolcked one. Now I find that Bluetooth tethering is no longer available. The T-Mobile app was very recently updated, and the new format displays "Tethering disabled". Going under "Settings -> Mobile HotSpot and Tethering" now no longer lists Bluetooth or Bluetooth tethering.


    Did something change, and is there something I need to enable it, or do I have to unlock the phone to get tethering back? I purchased the phone outright, so I can unlock it, but do not want to risk losing wifi calling.



    On a separate note, this is a new account under a new email address. When I tried logging into my old account it tells me that account has been disabled, but offers no remedy as to how to re-enable other than "contact administrator".



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