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    would one of your stores be able to unbrick my phone because i was trying to update my phone on my computer and the cord unpluged and it didnt finish so now its bricked so can you guys help?

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      • tmo_lauren

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        If the device bricked during a software update, you would either need to try a master reset with the hardware buttons if possible, or it would require a warranty exchange assuming it still qualifies


        Have you been able to try a reset?



          • magenta5090738

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            This is hilarious.  A recent Google Update keeps bricking the Wi-Fi scan unless a factory reset is done despite 3rd party apps seeing a fully working wifi.  Losing all phone data weekly is thoroughly unacceptable as the OS hides all user data in unreachable & unrestorable locations.


            Issue brought to Google Support and they closed the ticket blaming T-Mobile's "Custom OS".  So it's now up to you to either correct the problem or take legal action with the big G for intentionally damaging your product in an anticompetitive manner.

          • smplyunprdctble

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            ...and THIS is the reason manufacturers prefer OTAs.

            (and the reason I hold my breath any time I do a BIOS update on a computer).


            Stores can't unbrick (specifically according to their rules, if they try, they could make it better or worse, and if it gets worse, they don't want to be the ones responsible).


            There's a "chance" you can find information on xda on how to unbrick.  This is completely unsupported by T-Mobile and I'm not going to recommend it because instructions could be interpreted as vague for someone who isn't familiar with the processes (they DID save me with an older device, but I was anxious at every step about making it worse, but my case I was ready for a new phone anyway and in the financial position to buy one).


            If you have the warranty exchange, you'll get a refurbished device (note this as part of your decision making).  You'll also potentially be responsible if there's other damage located on your device or if they've been able to determine you voided your warranty in any other fashion (like rooting).

            • spys4darwin

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              I've had that happen on my phone before. What I did was turn off my phone, connect the USB cord to a USB 2.0 port on my PC, then hold the volume up button while connecting it to the PC. Don't let go of the volume up button. You will see a "download mode", after that it will take you to a "firmware update" screen. You can let go of the volume up. If you were updating your phone through PC, set your phone on a spot were the cable doesn't disconnect. Follow whatever instructions you needed to do. If it fails, you can take off the battery and try again, but just be mindful for whatever it is you are doing.