Non-tmobile phones that work on t-mobiles network in Japan?




    Going to be traveling back and forth between the US and Japan a lot over the next two years.  I have tmobile and I'm looking for a phone that will work well on the tmobile network in both countries.  Had an Samsung galaxy avant and I loved it, but its gone now.


    There doesn't seem to be any decent tmobile phones in the 150-250 range that will work in Japan.  So I'm was looking around and I was wondering if anyone knows if either the  Alcatel onetouch Idol 3 or the Motorola G (3rd) gen would work well on the tmobile network in japan?  If not those, any other suggestions?  I gather the phone needs the UMTS 2100 for at least 3G speeds, but beyond that all the frequency differences leave me a bit confused.


    Thanks in advance!



    John M.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey jmessi1 there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when using your service internationally. You're going to be connected to a roaming partner, not technically T-Mobile's network. To be able to tell if the phone will work, we'd need to see if each device supports the frequency of the carrier you're connected to while in Japan. For example, one of our providers supports the 2100 frequency so as long as the phone does, theoretically, it would work.