WiFi disconnecting overnight


    For the last several days (or maybe a couple of weeks?), every morning I wake up and the WiFi is off on my LG L90 phone.


    So last night I hooked it up to my Linux computer overnight, and used adb logcat to make a log.


    Looking at this log, I could see when the WiFi was disconnected, and it was due to the "T-Mobile My Account" app commanding it to happen. I think it was probably turning off WiFi to do its "collect diagnostic information" process, which I didn't even realize was enabled.... So for the moment, I've turned off that feature in hopes that it will not mess with my WiFi in the middle of the night. I really don't need it to turn off WiFi and leave it off, so that for the rest of the night, any downloads are going over the mobile network and using up my mobile data allotment unnecessarily!


    Was there a recent update to the T-Mobile My Account app that might have caused this behavior of turning off WiFi and then failing to turn it back on?

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      • jenhodg

        Re: WiFi disconnecting overnight

        As a note... I looked in the App Store and it seems the app was updated on Jan 28, 2016. So I suspect that this update introduced the problem. Either that or it was a problem before and I had that setting disabled, and the update enabled it again...

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: WiFi disconnecting overnight



          Do you know if you happen to have the battery saving feature on through the app? Certain versions on some devices will disconnect WiFi if it has not been used in some time for battery saving purposes.



            • jenhodg

              Re: WiFi disconnecting overnight

              Hm. I went to Settings > General > Battery. I do have "Battery saver" turned on, but it is only supposed to turn on at 15% battery level. That is the only setting -- it gives you the option as to when the "battery saver" turns on, and I have it set at 15% battery.


              And last night, since I had the phone connected to my PC to do the ADB log all night, it was charging all night and the battery was at 100%. Actually, it is normally connected to a charger all night and the WiFi has been disconnecting in the middle of the night while it's connected to the charger.


              In any case, I could see in the ADB log that it was definitely the T-Mobile My Account app that was turning off the WiFi at 2:54 AM. I don't see a setting within the T-Mobile My Account app for turning off WiFi or saving battery power or anything like that.

            • jenhodg

              Re: WiFi disconnecting overnight

              Here is an excerpt from the ADB debugging log, generated last night when the WiFi turned off:


              02-16 02:54:04.048 D/WifiServiceImplEx(  955): setWifiEnabled: false pid=21454, uid=10096, package= com.tmobile.pr.mytmobile, App Lable : T-Mobile
              02-16 02:54:04.052 D/WifiServiceImplEx(  955): disconnect pid=21454, uid=10096, packageName=com.tmobile.pr.mytmobile

              Then there is a bunch of stuff about disconnecting the WiFi. Then 6 seconds later, it tries to turn it on:

              02-16 02:54:10.265 D/WifiServiceImplEx(  955): setWifiEnabled: true pid=21454, uid=10096, package= com.tmobile.pr.mytmobile, App Lable : T-Mobile
              02-16 02:54:10.273 D/WifiService(  955): setWifiEnabled: true pid=21454, uid=10096
              02-16 02:54:10.299 D/WifiStateMachine(  955): setWifiState: enabled
              02-16 02:54:10.299 D/WifiOffDelayIfNotUsed(  955): setPowerSaveActivated(false)
              02-16 02:54:10.301 D/WifiOffDelayIfNotUsed(  955): NETWORK_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION [DISCONNECTED]
              02-16 02:54:10.304 D/WifiConfigStore(  955): Loading config and enabling all networks 
              02-16 02:54:10.304 D/IPPhone ( 1845): onReceive: android.net.wifi.WIFI_STATE_CHANGED
              02-16 02:54:10.304 D/WifiNative-wlan0(  955): doString: [LIST_NETWORKS]
              02-16 02:54:10.305 I/QCNEJ   ( 1908): |CORE| CNE received action Network/Wifi State Changed: android.net.wifi.WIFI_STATE_CHANGED
              02-16 02:54:10.305 D/wpa_supplicant( 1525): wlan0: Control interface command 'LIST_NETWORKS'
              02-16 02:54:10.306 I/[SystemUI]StatusBar.NetworkController( 1435): refreshViews 3  mAirplaneMode=false mNoSimIconId=(null) mWifiIconId=com.android.systemui:drawable/stat_sys_wifi_signal_null mWifiActivityIconId=(null)
              02-16 02:54:10.306 I/[SystemUI]QuickSettingsHandler( 1435): Got action android.net.wifi.WIFI_STATE_CHANGED at null
              02-16 02:54:10.307 I/WifiServerServiceExt(  955): WIFI_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION [3]
              02-16 02:54:10.307 D/IPPolicy(27614): onReceive: android.net.wifi.WIFI_STATE_CHANGED
              02-16 02:54:10.307 E/WifiServerServiceExt(  955): sendAutoJoinStatus  LgeWifiConfig.mEnableAutoJoin : 1

              Then it looks for WiFi networks in my AutoJoin list, but they are all disabled, and it looks like it is trying to join a network, but it all fails. Then at 2:54:10.339, there is another setWifiEnabled: false from the t-mobile app. There's another one (set to false) at 2:54:10.709, and another false at 2:54:10.913. Then it never tries setting it back to true again.

                • smplyunprdctble

                  Re: WiFi disconnecting overnight

                  I'm a Nexus user without the T-Mobile app.


                  I think it's an app somewhere that's demanding cellular data and your phone isn't reverting back to the previous state for some reason.


                  The experience I had recently was I was casting music to my TV from my phone (Subsonic App if it matters to you).  I was in the kitchen cooking and all of a sudden the music stopped.  I couldn't leave the fish frying in the kitchen (even though I didn't have beans on the grill) to check things, so I just let it go.  When all was done I looked at my phone and I had connected to cellular for a moment for some reason unbeknownst to me.  I reconnected to WiFi, but it didn't reconnect my Cast.


                  So, I would wager that your WiFi disconnects more often than you're initially thinking, but there's possibly another culprit that's not allowing the automagic reconnect after the fact.


                  A "solution" that folks would say is to manually turn off cellular data when you're on WiFi.  Pain in the area that's one of Deadpool's nicest features (awesome movie, go see it.. unless you're under 18, at which point grow up then go see it), but it might "help"?

                    • jenhodg

                      Re: WiFi disconnecting overnight

                      That's an interesting idea... I think it is actually something similar happening on my phone, but I may have more information about it than you do? Because according to my debugging log, it is definitely the T-Mobile My Account app specifically that is turning off WiFi -- as you suggested, it's an app that needs the mobile network (it authenticates that way). So that's OK, but then (again according to the debugging log), it is repeatedly saying "turn WiFi off" and then not turning WiFi back on after it is done. That is not OK.


                      And it didn't happen prior to about a week or two ago, so I suspect it is a bug in their latest update.


                      Anyway I will be interested to see if after disabling the "collect diagnostic information" setting today, my WiFi is on when I get up tomorrow morning.

                  • jenhodg

                    Re: WiFi disconnecting overnight

                    An update... After turning off the "Collect diagnostics" setting in the T-Mobile My Account app, this problem completely went away and I am no longer having WiFi turn off overnight.


                    So the problem was definitely in that app. Hopefully T-Mobile will fix it. Otherwise... well I cannot see that I need them to collect my diagnostic information anyway!