How should an account be billed on military suspend?


    Please reference the following document:

    Account suspensions


    Please review this document for accuracy. I've been a customer for about a year an a half and have had lines on military suspend and those lines have not been billed. Customer Care and Corporate seem to be divided on how I should be billed. Some believe that per policy, lines on military suspend should not be charged taxes and fees and others believe I should be charged as normal (which defeats the purpose).


    From my experience, "Add A Lines" on military suspend ARE NOT billed. Lines that ARE a part of PROMOTIONAL rate plans ARE billed the normal monthly amount. For example, Unlimited Everything 2 Lines for $100, both the primary and secondary line would be billed if on military suspend but any $40 Add A Line would not.


    The article does imply that the above statement is true but it does not clearly state that:


    • Monthly recurring charges: While on a military suspend, there are no monthly recurring charges, taxes, or suspend fees; however, if any features or plans share monthly recurring charges between a suspended line and an active line, you'll see normal monthly recurring charges. Any recurring charges will still need to be paid each month by the due date.

    For example: Say you're on an $80/month family plan. If there's one line that's active and one line on a military suspension, then the total amount billed is $80. But, if both lines have a military suspension, then the monthly recurring charge would be $0.


    The Corporate Office wasn't sure, so they have requested the document be updated which it has been twice but it doesn't address a unique scenario.


    I believe the article should notate that "Add A Lines" are not billed as they are not REQUIRED for any promotion.If a promotion calls for 1 Line, 2 Lines or 4 Lines any additional lines would not be apart of the FIXED RATE. This has confused many representative who believe due to documentation that was originally posted in 2012 that the above is incorrect. I've been billed in accordance with my statement for 12 months and only when I make account wide changes do I get billed for lines on military suspend (and that's only taxes and fees), which is how the issue arose. I wish T-Mobile representatives could brush up on how their billing system actually works. Anyone can read forums and documents created by other users but one needs to be able to determine for them-self if the information is accurate.

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      • tmo_lauren

        On most plans, add a lines do have their own "cost" or add a line rate, which they would be charged anytime a line is active. For example, if there was a 4 line account, and any of the two lines were suspended on military, the account would charge like a 2 line family plan, no charges for the two suspended lines. It can get a little tricky if there is a 2 line family plan, even if 1 of those lines is on military suspend, you are charged the full family plan so in events such as that it's better to temporarily split to individual rate plans.


        What exactly are you being billed for that we need to help clarify? With more info, I hope I am able to help.