Samsung Galaxy S Light (SGH-T399) - Are there major bugs or known issues in the latest update before I install it?




    I am an IT student. I am helping my mom with her device. At the moment it runs alright. I noticed there is an update available, but I kept reading complaints on these forums about reboot loops, crashes, lost signal, cant send/receive SMS/MMS, dropped calls, etc..... that people said only occurred after installing a system update. (I understand that all individual circumstances may vary and it may or may not be related).


    Is this related to the latest software update available for the Samsung Galaxy S Light (SGH-T399)?


    The version# is 4.2.2

    Baseband Version: T399UVUAOH2

    Release date:October 5, 2015? or 10/5/2013?


    Software versions & updates: Samsung Galaxy Light


    I would really appreciate any current user's help/experience in this matter. I would hate to mess up my mom's phone, and she would be furious at me.




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