Did I just get ripped off by Tmobile and insurance provider?


    I cracked the screen on my Nexus 5.  I have insurance through JUMP.  The insurance provider wants a $150 deductible to replace the phone and cannot say whether I will get a refurbished Nexus 5 (Google/LG stopped making the device and Tmobile does not carry the Nexus 5X for an easy upgrade).


    I checked online and I can get a factory refurbished Nexus 5 for $150 or less from many shops.  So why is the deductible so high on an older phone and why am I paying $10 (soon to be $12) a month for insurance?

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        T-Mobile has nothing to do with the underwriter pricing. You could be on Sprint which also sold the Nexus 5 and it will be the same. It has always had a deductible and if it's too high just buy a  refurbished and call it a day. You can probably find a screen repair shop cheaper than buying that refurbished too.


        Personally insurance is only worth it when it's within 6  months to 1 year at the most. Anything after that I'd a waste of money.


        So right your best option is to jump or get it repaired. Keep in mind when you jump the underwriter actually buys the device from you which allows you to jump. If they have it on file you broke the phone and numbers don't match up they'll charge you the $150 to jump.