Play Store Crashes - will not install apps


    I have owned my ZTE Avid Plaus for two days, and am already regretting it. 


    At some point, Play Store stopped working; whenever I open Play Store, it displays for a second or two, then closes.  I am unable to install apps, update apps, or use Google Now since it needs an update of Play Services which crashes as soon as Play Store opens.


    I have done a factory reset, which did not change the behavior.


    If this can't be fixed, I am taking this doorstop back to the TMO store.


    Thank you for any help.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Play Store Crashes - will not install apps

        Oh wow reversed we'd like your phone to be more than a doorstop for you. Was the Play Store still crashing on you or did it let you update your apps?

          • reversed

            Re: Play Store Crashes - will not install apps

            Mike, thank you for your reply.


            The root of the problem seems to be LTE communications:  If i switched between Airplane mode and LTE every time Play Store crashed, then it would update for a while.  Eventually, after switching many times, it updated all apps and then Play Store itself.  So the Play Store problems are now behind me.


            However, I now get a red Wifi-Calling icon in my notification bar ('WiFi calling error').  This is with both WiFi and Wifi calling set to 'off'.


            The phone also sometimes does not pick up the LTE signal when I drive from a non-coverage area (my home) to an LTE-covered area.  Only a reboot will fix it. That last problem is something I reported last year when I owned a ZMAX for a while which had the exact same problem.  Seems ZTE isn't really interested in fixing bugs in their software.   I went to ZTE's website, but they don't offer support for the Avid Plus, so I guess I can forget software updates for this phone.