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    When someone sends me a picture in a text message, I see the download button.  I click on it.  It looks like its downloading the picture and then it says "message not found".  The link is dead and the picture is no where.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I got my Samsung Note about a month ago (January of 2016) and until about a week ago, pictures in text messages were coming through just fine.

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        Possible solutions:


        Make sure your downloads app is not disabled or try clearing its cache and data within the app manager in phone settings.  Make sure you know where the message/pic is supposed to be saved...might be (if equipped) the SD card is having issues with reading and writing.  Perhaps try a full cache wipe (not factory reset) of the phone.  Without knowing exactly which Note you have, most Samsung Galaxy phones' cache can be accessed via:


        Press Power, Volume Up and Home simultaneously

        Wait until the phone vibrates and then release Power and Home

        You should now see the recovery screen. Use the volume buttons to move and select Wipe Cache Partition.

        Press the Power button to confirm.

        Select Reboot System Now and again, hit Power to confirm.

        Wait until your Note reboots and hope it’s fixed the problem.

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          Howdy ninapotter.


          You've got some great suggestions by our friend snn_555. Were you able to try these steps?