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    Just why, just why. I need to download an apk that's required for my current work, but for some reason, it wont install on my phone. I have it downloaded and its fine there, but when I press it to start the installation, it scans, and then It says error scanning. Ive tried almost everything, and I cant reset my phone because it has files I cant remove off the phone without being ruined, and some files hidden deep in the files I cant find. I need it and It could cause problems for me if I don't get it.




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      • e2k

        Re: apk problems

        Did you enable installation from unknown sources (i.e., sources other than the Google Play store)? You can usually find it in Settings > Security. Do you have any anti-virus/security software installed on your phone?


        If the issue persists, I suggest you contact to the author of the apk.

          • that_joey

            Re: apk problems

            Doesn't work. It used to work like two months ago, but now it fails the scan, and that was without turning that on. Either way it doesn't work.

              • Re: apk problems

                Are you getting the apk from a reputable source?  I know many of them are downloader apps from apk webpages masked as the apk name.  If it is the exact same apk that worked once before, have you had any OS updates that would render that apk incompatible with the new OS version?