Seriously, T-Mobile... when are you going to fix this horrible website? First, I had problems even logging in with the Chrome browser (that works everywhere else I pay my bills online). The "Log In" button remained grayed out even though I had entered my ID and password. That is STILL a problem, by the way... I cannot use Chrome. I could only pay my bill by using Internet Explorer. Today, I go to pay my bill in IE (which I hate) and now suddenly when I enter my credit card number in the correct field (something I had previously been able to do successfully) it tells me it's an invalid number and won't let me proceed. (This has worked for several months before, same credit card number, same process -- now all of the sudden it's not working!) And YES I've checked the number and entered it over and over again, I even tried Firefox this time, thinking it was yet AGAIN another browser issue, but nope didn't work there either.


    I then figured I would try to pay with my checking account, having given up on the CC, and when I entered my bank routing number in the correct field, yes, it tells me AGAIN that it's an invalid number. And yes, AGAIN I have checked and re-entered, the number is correct.


    Seriously, what the f**k?!?!


    I finally gave up and had to call and pay my bill by phone.


    Jesus, this is the WORST website I have ever seen, you make it INCREDIBLY difficult to transact business with you people! Please, I beg of you, do something about this travesty of a site so that it's not so **** frustrating just trying to PAY YOU!!


    I may seriously have to go with another carrier. God this is annoying.

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