Low Headphones Volume


    The headphones output is too low, but the speaker volume is fine. I have tried all kinds of "booster" apps and "tweaks" with no luck. I have tried connecting different devices (headphones and aux inputs) and tried different sources (Pandora, Poweramp, the default "Music" app, etc). I have the Tablet volume all the way up and the source volume all the way up, still too soft to overcome the ambient noise.

    I feel like it is limited and would like to disable that, I have had other devices that this was an issue. There are sites that mention that there are settings in "Engineering Mode" to remove these kinds of limits, I just am not sure sure how to access that or if it voids the warranty.


    Please assist, this is one of the uses that made me make this purchase, this is my last resort before returning it.


    Thank you.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Low Headphones Volume

        Unfortunately we don't have any insight for possible fixes to this.


        If there is a way to get into engineering mode without tampering with the software itself, the warranty would not be voided. If this was something that required you to jail break the phone or root, it would void warranty.