Sprint samsung galaxy s6 settings to use 4g lte bands


    I have a sprint version sm-g920p. It says on your web site it is compatible with the 4g lte bands on your network.  It is unlocked and I am using Family mobile which is on your network. I am using family mobile which uses your network but cant get it to go on 4g lte. I also have an lg g4 on the same account which i dont think ive seen fall off of 4g lte bands. Thank you for the great network!!!  Family mobile is telling me that their should be a network setting for lte/wcdma/gsm. Which i dont have.  I have used the ##DATA# menu and my msl code provided by sprint to change it to global mode as well which s not in the normal network settings.  I have also confirmed the APN settings are correct as well. Highest speed are 3g hspa+  using lte discovery app i can see i dont connect to any lte bands.  I have contacted samsung and they said i should contact you.  Also could it be my imei number is not reconized as an lte device? And would have to be provisioned as one on your network.  I check my imei with your checker and it comes up as not reconized.  Could this be why? What can i do to access these bands? 

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