Advantage Program


    I signed up for a T Mobile phone plan 2 weeks ago, after separating my line from a group plan with T Mobile I had been a part of for 10 years. Upon signing up, I asked the representative I spoke with whether I can receive 15% discount to my monthly bill based on my employer, and he confirmed I could, advising me to do so online when I set up my account a week later. I just looked into signing up to receive the discount, only to find out that all I can sign up for is a $25 gift card when buying a device. I do not need a gift card for buying a device; I need the 15% discount on my bill that I was promised and have been utilizing for the past 10 years. Providing false advertisement about discounts and lying to me on the phone is no way to treat a customer, especially a loyal customer of 10 years. I will definitely look into switching providers.

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