Andriod, Please Grow Up!


    I started with the G1 in 2008 and have been with T-moble and andriod ever since. I've been through the rooting stage and all that. I'm older and wiser and frankly, I've had enough of waiting for updates. Even with the updating through LG bridge is still a waiting game.


    I'm not going to XDA and doing any LGUP or KDZ, nope not doing that. I used to spend a lot of time on XDA and I even assisted other users with rooting their phones but I grew out of all that. Waiting for updates and OTA's is not exciting anymore. It's like smoking a cigarette on one lung! Enough! Some of you can tell me to kick rocks and you can tell me to go to the iPhone. Nope. I can count on one hand the number times I have held a iPhone in my hand since the original iPhone came out.


    I'm sticking with android but I'm leting go of the excitement. I have 12 year child and he came running up to me a few days ago, all excited about marshmallow. I felt for him, I really I did. I'm gonna have sit down with and have the talk! I don't want him to find himself much older and still waiting on OTA's!!

    Andriod , Please Grow Up!! There must be a better way! Having Android should not be torture!

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      • tidbits

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        Welcome to open source with multiple manufacturers. It will never get better unless Google pulls an Apple or Microsoft. Which then Android will die off and change from open source to proprietary and chances are people will start to look for something else.

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          I don't get caught up in the hype with updates. I buy a phone for what it does in the present and most likely will be able to do for the next 2 to 3 years. My G4 works great and 6.0 works fine. Fragmentation is a bit concerning but whatever......It's the nature of Tidbits's reply.

          • smplyunprdctble

            Re: Andriod, Please Grow Up!

            Back when I was your age, when we bought a phone, it had whatever OS was on it and that was that.

            There was no updates.

            And the only good app we had was Snake!


            Seriously, updates are important, yes, but your phone works fine without them.  App developers develop for the majority of the Fragmentation that's out there, so you won't get left behind for an app.


            The only way to have "bleeding edge" updates is to go with a Nexus device.  Those updates come straight from Google.  After that, the manufacturers get the codeline and have to see how they can integrate the updates in their dozens, if not hundreds, of devices globally.  Because of all the customizations (and drivers and that), there's no way to just plop the codeline in and compile.  You should know this from your xda experience.

              • To add:  There are shortcomings to all manufacturers and software developers and hardware makers.  Mixing and matching all the above is almost an endless recipe for diversity.  A manufacturer skin and development can be better than a Nexus device as far as added features (though sometimes overkill....looking at you TouchWiz) but sometimes  the thing is a versus type issue....Nexus and its issues from time to time with new hardware, below avg construction (5X), quirks in the OS and hardware and being early OS update adopters vs tried and true manufacturer development on older OS versions.


                Example:  I would take an LG G2 on 5.0.2 rather than the Nexus 5X/6P on 6.0.1 or any Samsung on 5.x.  But, I'll stick with my working-well LG G4 on 6.0 for now.  In fact, I saw no disadvantage to 5.1 on the G4.


                It's a "what's needed vs what's new" sort of thing for me.  The V10 is nice, but I saw no need for the $200 worth of differences between it and the G4.  Now the V10 is behind the G5 curve.  It's endless.  I either wait till I HAVE to have a new device via performance issues or loss/theft/damage or I wait till significant advances are available in the specifications vs what I need it to do......before buying another multi-hundred dollar device.

                  • gramps28

                    Re: Andriod, Please Grow Up!

                    snn_555 wrote:


                    Example:  I would take an LG G2 on 5.0.2 rather than the Nexus 5X/6P on 6.0.1 or any Samsung on 5.x.  But, I'll stick with my working-well LG G4 on 6.0 for now.  In fact, I saw no disadvantage to 5.1 on the G4.


                    I'll take my Nexus 5X over my wife's LG G4 any day.


                    The construction of the 5X is far more superior than the G4 with the only thing that the G4 has over the 5X in my opinion is the ability for expandable storage. Heck I would take my Moto X first edition over the G4.

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                        I grant you the 505 series did have a hardware solder-connection issue. 


                        I have a 507 series.  No issues.


                        The loose and "crunchy" textile feedback from the 5X buttons, the non-expandable storage, the internal hardware, camera with lack of OIS, smaller battery, screen color with lower definition, and less-than-needed RAM turned me off to the 5X.


                        Might just be me and how I operate, but all my LGs have been awesome.  My GNEX was awesome at first...but that's a lack of Verizon/Google/Samsung-support issue.

                          • gramps28

                            Re: Andriod, Please Grow Up!

                            The 5X is made by LG and I have no problems with the battery, also it charges much faster than

                            any other phone I've owned by using the type C connector.

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                                I strongly considered the 5X, (6P was out of my budget range) but with no way to physically touch the phone at that particular time, I decided to spend a little extra for the G4 based on what my local store had in stock at the time.  I did get my hands on a 5X later on.  I was under the time restraints at the time switching from Verizon prepaid to T-Mobile postpaid, literally the same day that the VZW prepaid account was to expire.  I was awaiting an outcome from a Community Swag promo that completely disregarded me as a customer and contributor, simply because I was a prepaid customer, despite being a postpaid customer since 1998.  (But, enough of the "I have been a loyal customer since blah blah" stuff.)  I knew I had coverage from all 4 major carriers and their MNVOs. The extent was in question, but I was willing to gamble.  that gamble paid off. So it was more personal than coverage-related.


                                I have no qualms over the wireless charging nor the "turbo" charging time that the factory OEM cable and adapter provides.  It was a rather large decision for me, taking a chance on T-Mobile from Verizon at the time.  I had tried T-Mobile 2 years ago and the coverage was just not where I needed it to be.  Now however, the coverage is on-par with VZW in my area and a much better deal for me with the features and promos versus Verizon and the prepaid rates and complete lack of support and features I was paying for.  I won't go into the issues that prompted me to switch, but it wasn't your normal customer complaints.  I saw a lot the behind-the-scenes details being in the "Smart Squad" addition to the Community Leader ranks.  Bump all the hype of being a leader on a wireless carrier's support forum, but I did learn a lot more about Verizon than what the usual customer perceives.  Of course, you know this, being a "Pillar" yourself.


                                Nonetheless, thanks for your input.  I will look to you as time passes, as well as to other leaders for procedural paths and T-Mobile insider info.


                                Given your wife's issues with the G4, is this issue more software or hardware in her case?  Hardware in this case, meaning the construction and assembly issue would not be rectified by a software update.

                          • smplyunprdctble

                            Re: Andriod, Please Grow Up!

                            I'll second the bleeding edge problem.


                            There's a couple apps that still don't work with my Nexus 5X properly (generally ones that use the camera - it's inverted).  It's an app problem since the Camera app works properly.  And it takes a while for the app developers to catch up with what's going on when something changes in the APIs.  Being at least a dot-release behind is better than being current.


                            Also, Handcent had problems with every dot-upgrade on my Nexus 5.  I had to wait until they updated their app to keep it from crashing because Google changed something in the back end.


                            It's gotten to the point where I hope I'm one of the last that gets the OTA for my device just to hope that app developers had a chance to get their things resolved.