Can't receive SMS from Verizon numbers after porting


    I've call multiple times about the problem. I've been told they will open a support ticket, they will send a report to a technician, that it's Verizon problem. I've given them multiple numbers that can't send me SMS. I didn't have this problem until I ported my number from Google Voice to T-Mobile. Has anyone had any luck with this? It's over been a week since I ported my number. It took a few days to get non t-mobile messages after I got the message the port was complete. The last time I called, which was today, I was told to have the Verizon people who try to call me that they all need to contact Verizon and T-mobile is working fine. I need to get SMS from co-workers and family on Verizon. I can get SMS from T-mobile and AT&T.

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