Lumia 640 from AT&T or MetroPCS


    I want to upgrade from my Lumia 521 to a 640 and am having trouble obtaining a T-Mobile branded version. AT&T (GoPhone) and MetroPCS versions seem easier to come by.


    I know if I go with a typical AT&T 640 (unlocked), I will not have Band 12. I may be able to live with that, but I want to be sure I could use Internet Sharing. If AT&T disables that in firmware, I may be stuck. Does anyone know?


    If I get a MetroPCS 640, I believe it would handle Band 12 and Internet Sharing. Would I need to unlock it, or just move my T-Mobile SIM card, like I did when I came over from Brightspot,which was also a T-Mobile brand?

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      • shakennotstirred

        I have ordered a T-Mobile-branded 640 LTE. However, I encourage replies to my question, for the benefit of others. :-)

          • sneakymoose

            Re: Lumia 640 from AT&T or MetroPCS

            I'm not sure if MetroPCS phones have much compatibility with T-Mobile, yet? T-Mobile merged with MetroPCS a few years back, but they weren't using compatible technology at that point.


            The Bright Spot phones will work great because that is just a T-Mobile MVNO, meaning a 3rd party provider that relies completely on T-Mobile's network to provide service to its customers.


            It's good that you've found a Lumia 640 that is branded for T-Mobile's network, as that is definitely your best bet.

            • subsci

              Re: Lumia 640 from AT&T or MetroPCS

              I have AT&T branded Lumia 640 and Internet sharing is present (it can be turned off or on but I have not tested it).


              AT&T provided an unlock code.


              The Wi-Fi Calling feature is missing from this phone.  This phone's user interface is missing the Settings Option for WFC that can be seen on a T-Mobile authored support webpage for the Lumia 640.


              As this version of the 640 that I have has a 8.1 Denim that qualifies for the Windows 10 update that is upcoming, I anticipate upgrading from Microsoft unless there will be glitch due to running an AT&T branded on the T-Mobile network.  I would like to be able to unbrand the phone or rebrand it to T-Mobile.  I will be very disappointed if the Windows 10 update is denied me.